What are you interested in?

Gryphon wants to help you enjoy the things you love.

Organized play, casual meetups, tournaments, kid's events, and community events for outside groups are all part of the Gryphon community. Click on what interests you, and check below for our calendar of upcoming events

What's new at the store?

We use gryphon.coop as our community site, and gryphongamesandcomics.com as our retail store site. Please consider Gryphon when weighing your shopping options. Purchases from our store allow this community to thrive!

Want to rent a table for a D&D session, Warhammer game, Commander pod, or something else?

The Purple Cup Cafe also functions as a gallery for local artists. If you'd like to hang your art in our public spaces, we're happy to have it!

Picture: Jeff Herndon, whose awesome paintings grace the wall across from our cafe counter.

Do you have questions about what a cooperative is and why Gryphon has chosen this community focused business model?