Our members are what make Gryphon strong! Please consider joining, and becoming a force within the community to make sure Gryphon exists for the next generation of comic and game enthusiasts!

Lion Membership

Lion Members form the bulk of our community! They provide the strength to keep Gryphon going and able to do anything we decide to put our minds to.

  • $100 Membership Fee

  • $25/year after the first for administrative costs

  • First year includes Gryphon Club Cards

  • A 5% return on all purchases made at Gryphon

  • Ability to vote for and serve on the Board of Directors (2 of 7 board members are Lions)

  • Ability to vote on issues that are important to the entire community

  • Access to member only events and specials

Eagle Membership

Eagle Members are a select few members of the community who have chosen to take a larger financial risk, and take a more active role in Gryphon. They provide the leadership and guidance for the future of Gryphon!

  • $5000 Membership Fee

  • All the benefits of Lion Membership

  • A share of 10% of Gryphon's yearly profits

  • Additional voting for more focused opportunities that are presented for Gryphon (2 of 7 board members are Eagles)

  • Joining as an Eagle Member requires a vote from the board which will involve meeting with the board and an interview process to make sure it's a good fit for this level of involvement

Additional Investment

In addition to Lion and Eagle Membership, Gryphon has the opportunity for investment. All members have the option to invest additional cash into the business. Investment money is treated much like a loan. It is the first money that is paid out. It is the intention of Gryphon to pay these investments off and not carry them forever.

  • Minimum $100 investment (no maximum!)

  • 5% return on investment

  • Investment shares require a vote from the board, but expressing an interest is simple! Just tell us what you're thinking, and the board will take it from there!