Found some loot? See what it's about here! Check the level and special rules for Guild Ventures.

If you have a token for an item or other Gryphon Guild Ventures Loot, see what it does and how it's rated here! See the character creation guide to help understand what items you can bring for the character you are building. You can only bring items that you have tokens for, unless otherwise specified in the rules for character creation. Players are free to trade/gift tokens, but please do not borrow or allow anyone to borrow them.

Please note, all the information you should need is here! This listing is not simply a repeat of what you'll find in the books. Many items have a quantity, or a number of uses associated with them. For a one-shot adventure, this is a necessity. Please inform us if you find an item that is lacking critical information or at all unclear!

Loot Slots

Loot Slots

At each level above first, you are allowed to bring an additional Loot. Simply write down one Loot next to each level up to the level you are playing at. You may not exceed the Tier allowed at each level, but may put a lower Tier item in that slot. For example, a 6th level character could bring two Tier I, two Tier II, and one Tier III Loot items on their adventure.

In addition to the Loot you've earned through play, there are several common items that anyone may take. Take a look at the second page of the attached document for details on those!

Consumable Items

Consumable items are a bit more powerful in a limited scape such as guild ventures where the potential need to hold onto them is less a concern than an ongoing campaign. As such, consumable items are traded in after being used. If a consumable item has multiple uses it is instead traded in at the end of the session if any number of uses are used during the session. In return you will be rewarded another item of the same tier, so you are never at a net negative of items, but you may have to play a while or trade for the consumable you want after you use it.

Ask for a bookmark from the Gryphon staff when you're in! We laminate them so you can reuse the it for different characters!

This is what they look like.