Come play Warhammer 40K every Thursday night!

Games are casual and open. No need to sign-up.

Other miniature games are also played every Thursday. Blood Bowl, Kill Team, Age of Sigmar, and more all see play most Thursday nights. Additionally, Warmachine and other non-Games Workshop games are played.

If you want to set-up a game in advance, it's recommended you connect with other players on the Gryphon War Party Facebook group.

Tournament Play!

We try to have a tournament for one GW line every month.

July Growth Tournaments!

We are running 4 consecutive tournaments over the course of the month of July. The 1st tournament will start at 500 pts, the 2nd at 1000 pts, 3rd at 1,500 pts, and the final tournament at 2,000 points.

Each tournament will be posted individually and will have its own set of prizes and winners but the standings of the 4 tournaments will be used to hand out additional prizes at the end and an overall winner will be chosen.

Players are not required to participate in all the events but keep in mind that the extra prizes will be difficult to win if you have not participated in most.

PLAYERS WILL BE FACTION LOCKED SO CHOOSE YOUR ARMY WISELY. You are allowed to change units, relics, etc between events but not during a tournament.

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