DMing at Guild Ventures

DMing at Guild Ventures

DMing a game at Gryphon Guild Ventures is only slightly more challenging than playing. So long as you have an adventure in mind, you're probably good to go!

We are ALWAYS looking for Dungeon Masters. If you are able to DM, there are players who want to join your game. The money collected from your table is given to you as store credit as a thank you for taking on the responsibility and as a way to encourage everyone to chip in and make this system work.

Nothing happens without a Dungeon Master at each table.

Talk with us in store after having played a game!

Gryphon Guild Ventures DMing Guidelines

  • Sign-up with us ahead of time. We will assign tables to DMs so you know exactly what room and level you will be running before the night of.

  • Please be a little early to your table.

  • Have a concise adventure, that can wrap up in about four hours.

  • Be respectful of the players, including of their time. If you know your adventure is going to run a little long, please ask before you start so you know to cut it down a bit if necessary.

  • Use the Forgotten Realms setting. Use a setting location, and the deities of the Realms, to help ground the players in the setting.

  • Control your table. Do not allow a single player to ruin other's enjoyment by bullying other players, going off on tangents that stall the game, or otherwise being a distraction. Ask staff for help if someone if you're having trouble with a player that refuses to be respectful.

  • Do not take on more than six players. The game suffers for everyone, and even if you feel you can handle more, the goal isn't to max you out. Everyone at the table should have a chance to participate and have fun.

  • Loot is awarded at the end of each session. Have all players roll: highest roll gets first pick, second highest gets the next, etc. Do not deviate from this format. If the winners wish to give their Loot to the less fortunate, that's up to them. You do not get to decide how this is managed, it is part of the organized play format and exists outside of your DMing, of which you have total control.

Our Discord

  • Join our Discord using This Link

  • Let us know you are coming from Guild Ventures and are interested in GMing.

  • We'll give you access to the Channel with the GM sign-up!