What is a cooperative?

The UK has a greater tradition of cooperatives than we do here in the States, but the concepts are the same and this is a great video they put together!

"Cooperatives give people control over the things they care about."

That's pretty much it!

The Gryphon Games & Comics Cooperative

This is a grand experiment! As far as we know, we are the first game or comic shop to try this model. Every cooperative is different, and we've worked with a cooperative lawyer to create what we believe is a viable business plan. There is no one way to do a cooperative, in fact, there are virtually endless ways that they can be put together. Fortunately, if we find that something we've done isn't quite working, we can change it!

Hopefully you're thinking about getting involved if you haven't already, because we need all the great minds we can get to make Gryphon as awesome a place as it can be.

Further Reading

Coops are everywhere! REI is the largest cooperative. There are many local cooperatives as well! Poudre Valley REA, Mountain Avenue Market,

If you want to check out more about there are sites dedicated to the concept of cooperatives and helping people utilize them to create what they want to see in the world: