Character Creation

If you wish to bring a character to your first session, rather than having one given to you, follow these simple rules. You can download character sheets from the Wizards of the Coast website.

  1. Use only the Player's Handbook to create a 2nd level character.

  2. Use the Point Buy method for generating statistics as presented on page 13.

  3. Generate equipment from your class and background, not by rolling for starting money. Additionally, choose to either take a Potion of Healing, or a "Bag of Money" that will allow you to buy an additional 150gp in equipment. Potions of Healing are not available for purchase, and starting equipment cannot be "sold" to add to your starting coffer. Potion of Healing and Bag of Money - 150gp are Tier I items.

  4. "Variant Human" is allowed.

  5. Evil alignments are not allowed.

Further Adventures!

Once you are able to create and play at a Level 4 table, the following additional rules apply:

  1. Use the exact same rules you did for your first character (PHB only, point buy...)

  2. You may take one additional Tier I, and a Tier II item.

  3. Create a named "tie" to the Forgotten Realms.

Please note, these rules are not to limit you, they are to make the DM's job easier. Not every DM wants to know the rules from every book, so having these rules allows us to make their job easier.

Explore the Forgotten Realms!

The Forgotten Realms await! Gryphon Guild Ventures takes place in the Forgotten Realms. DMs are expected to create adventures in the realms, and Players are expected to create characters that are part of those lands. Your character should have some sort of tie with the Forgotten Realms.

Take a moment to go over the Setting section and see if you can find something to tie your character to the world they will be adventuring in. Create at least one named "tie", a place you're from, a deity you seek to emulate, lands you've traveled, etc.

Higher Levels

When creating a character of 6th or 8th Level, the following rules apply:

  1. Characters may be built with any hardback book, save those that are set outside of Forgotten Realms. (Magic worlds, Eberron, Spelljammer, Feywild, etc.)

  2. Continue to otherwise use Point Buy and use the starting equipment to get your basics down.

  3. DM has full discretion to disallow any rules outside of the PHB. A wise player will have a PHB character also available if they intend to do something "extra" with a character.

  4. "Monster Races" from Volo's are not allowed. These are the ones that are not fully fleshed out.

  5. Flying races (such as variant Tiefling) are not allowed.