Gryphon Co-op

Thank you for taking an interest in the Gryphon Games & Comics Cooperative! Gryphon is a member driven retail store and community center. Our goal is provide a space for our members to meet, discuss, and engage in the hobbies they enjoy. We boast a full café experience, open meeting rooms, and a variety of products for all interests.

Patrons are not required to be members, but membership has its perks and helps to sustain our community! If you have any questions that are not readily answered on this site, do not hesitate to ask a staff member in store or contact us via this page.

Why a Cooperative?

The game and comic industries are constantly evolving. While they have always been challenging, online marketplaces and other forces have made it harder than ever to run a successful business. The decision to move to a cooperative from a "normal" business was made because we believe the store has value in of itself. Above and beyond what we sell, we've been an integral part of the Fort Collins community since 2005 for many people. So many people have told us how important Gryphon is to them. We serve as a gathering place for people to enjoy the things they love.

By forming a cooperative, Gryphon benefits in two ways. Obviously, there is a monetary benefit to having the people who benefit from the store invest in it. More importantly, a cooperative gives a sense of ownership to those same people. Members are able to help chart a course for the future of Gryphon and turn it into the store that they believe it should be. Our members care what happens to the store, and are given a platform to share what they believe will make it even better.

What is a Cooperative?

Cooperatives have been around a very long time and come in a variety of forms. The basic concept of a cooperative is that they allow a group of people to work together to create something bigger than any of them could do individually. Unlike other businesses, cooperatives are created in a way to empower individual members and allow for democratic direction. Cooperatives do not have "owners", the cooperative is an entity unto itself and each member is a part of that in equal measure.

Large decisions are made by the membership, while general leadership is directed by a board of directors that are elected by the members as well. Board membership is a volunteer position and a terrific way to take a hands on roll with the co-op and learn a ton in the process!

How do you join?

Joining the Gryphon Games & Comics Cooperative is easy! You just choose whether you'd like to join as a "Lion" or "Eagle" member, and pay your membership fee. We have the two levels to help differentiate two different levels of investment. The Eagle members take a much more hands on approach to membership and provide a lot of the effort that goes into keeping the co-op moving. Lion members are the bulk of the membership, and provide the sustaining force to keep things moving!