Afterschool D&D

Camps are currently delayed for Summer 2024

Kids 10-15 are invited to join us afterschool for ongoing D&D games. We host four continuous weeks with the same party of adventurers each week. Your kid will join up to five others, for a continuous story run by the same Dungeon Master each week. They will learn to work as a group, and overcome obstacles set in front of them by our DMs!

For the 23/24 School year, we have a younger group (10-12) and an older group (13-15) on Mondays and another on Wednesdays at 4:30pm. Each session is 2 and a half hours long each day.

The price is $120, and includes $40 in store credit that is given to your child to pick up supplies and snacks as needed as well as a free set of dice the first day that they keep after the last session!