Gryphon Guild Ventures

Dungeons & Dragons one-shot adventures every Saturday at 5pm.

Ready for a New Adventure?

Getting started with Gryphon Guild Ventures couldn't be easier. Whether you're a veteran gamer, or have never played a single game let alone cracked a rule-book, you're ready to play.

That's it.

If you have the interest in trying, then you have everything you need to get started.

Every game at Gryphon Guild Ventures is a one-shot. You get to try something new every week. If your characters die, or gain fabulous wealth, then you have a great story! The purpose of this program is to give everyone something fun to do on a Saturday night, meet new people, and hopefully start your own campaign if that's what you want. We hope you leave your Saturdays free for Gryphon Guild Ventures though!

First Time?

Whether you've:

Never played D&D?

If you've never played D&D, all you have to do it show up! We'll provide you a character, dice to play with, and a DM. Just show up at Gryphon a few minutes before five and get acclimated. We'll teach you some basic rules and get you going!

or, Played D&D, but haven't participated in Guild Ventures?

If you're a D&D veteran, all you have to do is show up too!

  1. Bring your own second level character, created exclusively from the D&D 5th ed. Player's Handbook - or - take a pre-generated character from our binder. Either way, we are not creating characters, or modifying characters, at the table. Games start at 5pm. Character generation needs to be handled in advance, or you can use a pre-generated character.

  2. Show up before five and get placed into a game.

  3. Read the following Code of Conduct.

Feel free to read all about it below, but this is really all you need to get started!

Either Way!

Games start at 5pm every Saturday. You show up before five, pay $5 at the counter, sign in, and get playing! Your DM is given $5 in store credit for each player at your table.

Register as a Player!