Kids LARP Camp

This summer we'll be exploring the physical side of role-playing! Embody the character, role-play, run, jump, and swing that blade!

This is physical sports camp. While the weapons are safe, kids will find ways to hurt themselves! We expect scrapes and bumps to be part of the learning process.

  • We will have two staff members on hand to monitor the group which maxes out at 12 participants.
  • Drop off is at 8 am, at the Rolland Moore Park playground area. We'll be walking to Gryphon to arrive by 11:30 am for pick-up. Kids can be picked up as late as 12:30 pm (4 pm if they're participating in the afternoon D&D portion) from Gryphon.
  • A snack will be provided at the park.
  • Kids should bring water and sunscreen!
  • Kids will be taught to safely use latex foam weapons to engage in combat games.
  • Most of our days will be spent outdoors. On rainy days, and periodically throughout the week, we'll be indoors at Gryphon for crafting or other indoor activities. Weather permitting, we'll always start the day at the park.
  • Crafting will be primarily for clothing that kids can wear at camp. Masks, hats, and capes are all on the agenda. Some weapon crafting may occur to give kids a sense of how to make their own. They won't be near the quality pictured above, but maybe someday we'll get there!
  • We'll be focusing on teaching respect for others, teamwork, problem solving, and self awareness.
  • Over the course of the summer, we'll be encouraging participants to create a role-playing persona, with a focus on fleshing out the character they've created.

Questions? Email [email protected]