Gryphon D&D Kids Camp

Join friends in terrific adventures all summer long at the Gryphon Dungeons & Dragons Kids Camp. Make characters, learn the rules, develop teamwork and problem solving skills!

  • We will have one Dungeon Master on hand for every group of six kids participating.
  • Kids may be dropped off as early as 11:30am, and should be picked up by 4pm.
  • The entire hobby of Dungeons & Dragons will be taught!
    • Painting! We'll paint figures once a week.
    • Role-playing. Players will be encouraged to find a unique personality for their characters, and learn to put themselves in someone else's shoes.
    • Rules. We'll touch on all the rules.
    • Dungeon Mastering. Kids will learn the basics of what it is to be a DM, and hopefully introduce their friends to this awesome hobby.
    • Acting! How to express yourself as a player to get across what your character is thinking and feeling.
  • We'll build more than in game character!
    • Learn to be a good teammate, and sport.
    • Learn to listen to others and consider their opinions.
    • Daily and extensive use of math and reading!
    • Learn to focus and pay attention.
    • Flex the imagination.
    • Problem solve in a variety of ways through endless challenges.

Questions? Email [email protected]