Due to Covid-19, you must register for your game online before the start-time.

We only hold spots until 5 minutes after the start-time, at which time anyone waiting for a spot may be allowed to take your spot.

When you arrive for your game, please go directly to your assigned room unless you are shopping. Do not loiter in the store or chat with players from other games. If you see people you wish to visit with, please do so outside. Covid-19 restrictions require these rules, please only attend if you're able to abide by them. They'll change soon, but for now, that's what it is! Thank you.

Please read the Conduct page before joining.

To reserve your spot, click on the Calendly links below!

You may see what levels you qualify for on the Players page.

Please be seated by 5pm on Saturday. Only games with available slots will be visible on these links, and may only be reserved 14 days out.

More levels to come as we see how restarting Gryphon Guild Ventures is going!

If games are full, you are welcome to see if someone no-shows for their game. Please check-in with us at the counter, and then find a place away from everyone else to wait while we see what we can do. It is unlikely that a spot will open up, but the possibility is there.