Foam Fighting Party!

More parties to be added soon! Whether it's D&D for a small group, or boardgames and card games for larger groups, we'll cover it! Check back or ask us directly.

Who doesn’t need a little more swordplay in their life? Here at Gryphon, we aim to help! If you’re having a party and want something fun for your crew, we've got you covered! We’ll provide the tools (in this case, swords and shields), teach some basics, and direct them through as many games as they can handle.

Our basic party package is for a two-hour block of active time, and will include enough weapons to outfit twelve people for simultaneous play. If you have more, then they can certainly take turns! Most participants will want a break anyway.

Special Program Introduction Offer!

We are slashing our $150 pricing to $75 until the end of May.

We are expecting to have weapons for the beginning of March!


The weapons we provide are constructed from high density foam and carbon cores. They are covered in cloth to prevent tearing of the foam and provide an even striking surface.

While the weapons themselves are unlikely to seriously injure anyone, any active sport will have its share of injuries. Thrown elbows, trips and falls, colliding heads, and more are all possible. That said, in many years of participating in LARP events as well as more traditional sports, injuries are anecdotally far more likely when collision is common such as in basketball, football, soccer, ultimate, etc.

This is your event. We will bring the fun, but you’re bringing the party. Please take responsibility for anyone who tries to violate the rules or safety precautions we have outlined. We'll say something, but we're counting on you to help with any behavior problems involving your guests.

The Rundown

  • After a quick five-minute safety talk, we will launch into practice, after which we'll begin battle games.

  • Battle games are not set, and we'll suggest what we believe the participants are most likely to understand and enjoy, but it's your party!

  • Younger participants of a similar age are mostly likely to enjoy playing against one another, though it's recommended that only kids eight and up try to participate. Kids under twelve may struggle to compete and play with older kids.

Basic Rules

  • No strikes to the head or groin. Safety first!

  • A proper strike needs to be felt by both parties, "touch", but not "hard". A strike that is so light/glancing as to be questionable can be ignored.

  • Location matters!

    • Strike to the body, instant death

    • Strike to the arm, cannot use the arm

    • Strike to the leg, may only "limp", struck leg cannot be used for forward movement. Rather, it is brought even with the other leg, and can be pushed off from.

    • A second strike to an arm or leg (same or different as the first) is also death.

This is an introduction to the foam fighting portion of our summer LARP program.